EnviroPump and Seal Testimonials


  •  The mechanical seal life in our Hot Oil Fryer pump has increased from an average of six months to more than three years. The pump upgrade has significantly improved our operating uptime.

-Major snack food manufacturer


  •  We upgraded our primary hot oil pumps seven years ago. The new design solved costly fire and safety concerns, and reduced production downtime.  We have now standardized on this pump design in our   operations.

-Plywood mill


  •  We selected EnviroPump and Seal pumps for a recent plant expansion. We tried one of their pumps in a difficult service area several years ago, and were pleased with its performance.  The new pumps are also performing very well.  The close-coupled design allowed for easy installation in cramped areas and eliminated coupling alignment concerns

-Manufacturer of food ingredients.


  •  We upgraded two pumps that ran in continuous cavitation due to system configuration problems. The more robust shaft and bearing design of the EnviroPump and Seal unit allowed the mechanical seal to perform with no trouble.

-Large brewery


  •  We replaced a troublesome pump with a unit from EnviroPump and Our mechanical seal issues have been solved, along with alignment concerns.

-Ethanol producer


  •  Our pumps have performed well for nearly 15 years, pumping a hazardous material. These pumps are more reliable than those that they replaced.  Our maintenance costs have been reduced significantly.

-Soybean oil refining plant


  •  We converted a number of our press circulation pumps to the EnviroPump and Seal design more than ten years ago. With the existing pumps, we experienced frequent breakdowns and seal leakage.  Our operating temperature is 600F, so any leakage is a concern. The upgrades reduced our problems dramatically, and have reduced downtime and saved us money.

-Siding mill


  •  We chose the EnviroPump and Seal pumps for a critical service because of the rugged design. We also like the C-frame adapter capability, which assures coupling alignment.  The pumps have now been in operation for more than ten years, with minimal downtime.

-Aircraft engine manufacturer


  •  Our railcar load out pumps were terminating seals every fourteen months due to alignment problems related to poor foundations. The close-coupled EnviroPump and seal units have operated for more than six years without repair.

-Chemical company