ZLR-1200 Series Double Mechanical Seals

*Ideal for highly corrosive applications, all parts in contact with pumped fluid are made of corrosion resistant materials!



  • Concentric Design – Places both rotary faces close to bearings to minimize deflection and vibration effects on seal.
  • Cartridge Design – No measuring, self centering installation.  Just slide over shaft, tighten gland bolts and set screws, remove centering clips, and the seal is ready to operate.
  • Rotating Vanes – Ensures flush fluid circulates 360° for maximum cooling cleaning and lubrication of the seal faces.  It also generates flow and pressure when a closed loop barrier fluid system is used.
  • Double Balance – Allows the seal to be used as both a double seal (higher pressure barrier fluid or flush) and as a tandem seal (lower pressure barrier fluid) with the same hardware.  Design also handles pressure reversals without opening.
  • No Shaft Fretting – No moving parts on shaft, means no shaft damage, and no need for a sacrificial sleeve.
  • Gland Insert – For High Alloy Corrosion Protection.
  • Stationary Seal Design – Springs do not rotate, ensuring highest resistance against destructive vibration harmonics.
  • Slotted Gland – Allows “universal” use in most rotating equipment.