Why Labyrinth Oil Seals

The main shaft in process equipment such as pumps, agitators, mixers, motors and compressors can be costly items to replace. Ordinary lip seals, commonly used on such process equipment, have both an extremely limited life and also cause considerable amount of damage to the shaft.

Protect Investment

An EnviroPump and Seal labyrinth oil seal protects your investment in several ways:

  • No shaft or sleeve damage or wear.
  • Antifriction bearings operate longer in a cleaner environment.
  • Keeps contaminants out as well as lubricant in.
  • Significantly increase MTBF and MTBPM.

Cartridge Design

  • Proven labyrinth oil seal design used in thousands of installations.
  • One-piece non-contacting cartridge labyrinth assembly.
  • No adjustments required when you install or when you make adjustments for impeller clearance.
  • Keeps lubricating oil in, keeps moisture and contaminants out.
  • Generates no friction, heat or wear.


  • One piece cartridge design for simple press-in installation by hand.
  • Self-aligning.
  • Eliminates need for a breather.
  • Retrofits many housings where lip seals or other labyrinth oil seals were used.
  • Keeps lubricating oil clean.
  • Keeps moisture and contaminants out of oil. Studies have shown that 0.002% moisture in oil will reduce bearing life 48%, and 6% moisture will reduce bearing life 83%.
  • Non-contacting design means no wear, no heat, and no power consumption.
  • Non-metallic construction for superior chemical resistance and non-sparking.
  • Requires no lubrication.

Materials of Construction

  • Carbon filled TFE for universal application without worry of corrosion compatibility.
  • All non-metallic construction for non-sparking assurance.
  • Viton drive and seal o-ring as standard, Other elastomers optional.
  • Interlocking design and self lubricating material allows extremely close axial and radial clearances for highly efficient performance.

Easy Installation

Match up the labyrinth seal selection with the existing shaft diameter and housing bore. Simply press in the EnviroPump and Seal Model OS/2000 assembly into place by hand. One piece cartridge construction means no measurements, no gap settings, no aligning.


  • Several common sizes in stock.
  • Virtually any size made to order from 5/8″ (16mm) shaft to over 7″ (180mm)


Just Specify:

Housing Bore    _________________

Shaft Diameter  _________________

Housing Depth  _________________

First Obstruction _________________

(See Sketch)